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  • Writer's pictureGautam G. Dua; PhD

Lockdown and Webinars!

COVID-19 has shaken the society in fear. Whereas, Lockdown is new odd for the society. Everyone is anxious and at tracing novel ways to reduce the stress and trying to involve in numerous activities. Hencewith, academicians has find a way to get involved themselves in various activities; one of them is 'Webinar'. So, What are webinars? Webinars are online sessions / lectures / seminars delivered through a electronic medium such as YouTube, Zoom, Google Meet etc.. But why all of sudden academicians have attracted to this?

Ohh.. wait a minute! Is it a time spending activity or just a way to raise a academic score? or to impress the college authorities? Well many have observed E-certificate has become status-quo. The E-certificate has all of the sudden gained so much importance because it attracts the eye-balls of colleagues on WhatsApp status.

The webinars has proven to be RAT-RACE. The academia has all of the sudden made webinars as commercial and branding tool. Various questions are raised on such webinars; viz. authenticity, credibility, and accountability. Few are behaving like irresponsible, merely registering their names and going online with no ears on just to add certificate milage.

Are we losing ethics in the race?

However, if this continues, the new era will arrive where international conferences will have only virtual presence of international keynote speakers and students will be having virtual presence. The academia has to give second critical thought what is the limit of virtual seminars (Webinars)? and what would be right blend of it?

Lets wake at the right time for the better cause.



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