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India, the land of strong academics that had produced great 'Acharya Chanakya' and universities like Takshila and Nalanda. I gain my inspiration from great teachers like 'Acharya Chanakya' and a great quote by MK Gandhi 'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.' The teacher is a lifetime learner, I teach to learn and inculcate a sense of responsibility within the coming generation. I believe education is a centre point for any development in the society-‘a good’ or ‘a bad’. Society needs a flood of educators who desire and can change society. Most believe that the educator has selected his profession because he isn’t been capable of something else. I, Gautam Dua am in this profession by choice and not by force to bring a change in society. 
Life is full of consumption, and it is been decided by the pedagogy of marketing, I feel lucky that I’m one of the members of the family called “Marketers”. I feel proud to deliver my decade of experience to students and the industry. I also take efforts to place students in the best place they can work and can get the best remuneration for the work they do.
I believe in the law of ‘Karma’. I render my gratitude for my success to various individuals; The great almighty, my family, my teachers, my friends and people out there in the society. I shall extend my hand in the favor of help that benefits the individual and the nation.

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About Dr. Gautam Dua

Dr. Gautam Dua has been teaching since 2010 at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has taught to BBA, B.Com, BA, MBA, M.Com, and M.Sc students in his career span. Before joining academics he has worked with Media and T&D industry. He is a great orator and has conducted more than 2 dozen seminars in various trending topics. He has delivered keynote speeches at various FDP's and MDP's. He also provides consultancy to MSME companies. He has a more then dozen of research paper (published/presented) to his credit. He has delivered live lectures on Education Channel on television and runs a YouTube channel named 'babagomz'. He is been awarded the "Nation Builder Award" by Rotary Club and the 'Youth Icon Award' by Yuva Unstoppable. His area of interest includes and not limited to marketing management, media management, brand management, and digital advertising. During his graduation and post-graduation, he has bagged many trophies and medals in various management events, extempore, and entrepreneurship competition.  His hobbies include playing cricket, table tennis, reading, traveling, and listening to good music.

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